To rest on paradise islands with your beloved is a dream of a man tired of big cities and daily stress

A modern Calypso Condo located in one of the best places of Phuket – Nai Harn, on Andaman coast, is ideal for a family vacation. This place is remarkable for its quiet atmosphere and an excellent infrastructure. Gorgeous beaches, SPA, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets with European cuisine, kid’s park, walking areas, as well as a swimming-pool on the condo’s territory – all together it enables relaxing even if you travel with kids. Have a nice rest among wonderful beaches and tropical nature in comfortable apartments.

Our transfer will take you from the airport to Calypso on request (the service is chargeable).


Apartments with
a Well-Equipped Kitchen

Apartments are best for families with kids 0+. We have got sofa beds in living-rooms of almost all apartments and kitchens with necessary kitchen devices and utensils.


The depth of the swimming-pool is 1.3 m. There is a kids’ zone and jacuzzi, 0+. Water is always warm and regularly purified. Apartments on the first floor have a straight access to the swimming-pool.

Support on Any

We have a manager who will deal with all your questions and is always in touch from 10 till 6 o’clock.

A Shuttle for Guests
to Beaches and back

A free shuttle from Calypso to beaches of Nai Harn and Yanui and back is at your service three times a day.

Kids’ Furniture

Children will also have a home comfort. You can have kids’ armchairs, chairs and beds on request.

Free Wi-Fi
and Cable TV

Аll apartments have free Wi-Fi and a lot of channels in different languages.

Bike and Car

If you need to rent a car you will get it at the reception. The rent owner will deliver it to Calypso Condo on your request.

and Safety

Our condo is mostly lived by families with children and couples who appreciate quiet and comfort. The entire territory is protected and is under video surveillance.

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gorgeous beaches in 10-minutes walking
Comfortable and cosy apartments with home atmosphere
Thoughtful furnishings

All apartments with modern design are beautifully furnished and ready for dwelling. Sofa bed in the living-room of many apartments will welcome a whole family if kids are with you. A well-equipped kitchen has all necessary devices and utensils for cooking – and this is the most important condition for travelling with kids because they often need something special which cannot be found on restaurants. 

We check the working condition of everything before checking in so that our guests would not have any problems.

The cost of accommodation includes a weekly cleaning, changing of towels and linen.

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The infrastructure creating high-grade rest

An Italian restaurant with delicious pizza and pasta.
An Italian restaurant where you can have seafood dishes.
Thai and European cuisine.
Russian and Thai cuisine.
Thai cuisine.
Russian and Central Asian cuisine and Thai dishes as well.
Tasty burgers are served here.
Tasty burgers.
Delicious breakfasts and healthy food dishes.
Delicious breakfasts and healthy food.
A German Cafe. Breakfasts and fresh croissants every day.
A French Cafe near the lake. Breakfasts, bakery products and delicious dinners.
Tasty breakfasts and lunches.
A cafe in Rawai Beach. Breakfasts, lunches.
They are located along Rawai Beach coast. A favourite place of Thai and Chinese people.
A Restaurant with the most delicious Thai and European cuisine, a lot of seafood dishes. It is in Rawai Beach. A very beautiful place for dinner.
European and Thai cuisine, sports club, billiards.
It is one of the most often visited sights of Phuket which provides a tremendous view of Nai Harn beach. A large territory has a great choice of souvenirs, snacks and cosmetics.
Not far from promtep Bay there are some thin white windmills facing the sea which remind the plane propellers. From here you can view the western coast of Phuket: Yanui Beach in the south, Promtep father to the south, Nai Harn Beach in the north and Koh Man Island. The view point is not very large, there are arbors with benches nearby. You can buy snacks and drinks from occasional sellers. It is quieter here than in Promtep Bay.
The main sight of the island is a 45-meter colossus built on a hill. It’s not just a statue but a whole temple complex.
A Buddha monastery (another name – Samnak Song Nai Harn), a spiritual center for dwellers of the nearest villages. Now the monastery is under reconstruction.
A pleasant and quiet picturesque place for walks and sports. You can run, do yoga or go biking.
Supermarket in Rawai area.
Supermarket in Rawai area.
24 -hour supermarket.
24 -hour mini market.
A trade center with shops of sportswear, electronics, clothes, cosmetics, accessories and others. There are food courts.
It is located near Calypso Condo.
To the right of “7/11”, then turn left and go straight ahead.
It is located on the way to the lake on the right.
Exchange office opposite “7/11”.
It is located on the way to the lake, on the right, along the road.
A new wonderful kids park in Phuket with a spacious kids club, open playgrounds, aqua park for kids with slides and a family restaurant. There are gardens, a sandy zone, a rope lifting tower, jumpers and a cosy place for parents. It is best for children of 1-6 years old.
*Calypso Condo does not support using animals for entertainment. Dolphin show lasts 1 hour, it takes place every day except Monday. It starts at 11.00, 14.00, 17.00. The Dolphinarium was opened in 2015. The hall has 900 places and is divided into three categories: rows 1-2, rows 3-5 and rows 6-7. Besides dolphins jumping and dancing in water, seals also take part in the show - they do funny tricks, walk among the rows and give friendly kisses on the cheek. After the show you can take pictures with sea animals and touch them for 400 bahts. And if you pay a little more you can swim with dolphins. You can also go diving with dolphins right in the swimming-pool.
Working hours: every day from 08.30 to 16.00. On Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 11.30 the organisers deliver a show of feeding sharks and devilfish. In Phuket Aquarium you can see the diversity of fishes of Andaman sea: eels, crabs, sharks, devilfish, razorfish, cuttlefish, octopuses, stone fish and an incredible number of fish, from small and transparent to huge and dangerous. The main sight is a transparent tunnel in the middle of the Aquarium. Walking through this tunnel you will see above your head and around you in sunlight going through the water body flocks of groupers and sharks swimming slowly within just  several centimeters from you.
It is located opposite “7/11” (to the left). If you have 6 massages made, the seventh one is a present. Prices vary from 250 to 500 bahts depending on the massage type.
It is located to the right across the road from “7/11”. Two massage halls. Prices vary from 250 to 500 bahts.
It is located on the crossing to the right of Calypso Condo. The cost is from 250 to 500 bahts.
Massage, SPA, manicure, pedicure and many other things. Prices vary from 200 to 1200 bahts depending on the procedure.
An old legendary sauna of Nai Harn. It has an excellent steam room but no swimming-pool and jacuzzi. The is a shower and a toilet. Among the services is massage, foot massage, oil massage, face scrubbing and others. The cost of the sauna is 80 bahts.
Sauna, jacuzzi, massage (it can be made inside or outside), very tasty ginger tea with lemon and lime. The cost is: sauna – 100 bahts, massage – 100 bahts, towel – 20 bahts, sheet – 20 bahts.
SPA center located in the estuary of Nai Harn lake. We recommend you to visit it with your wife/husband. The cost of massage and body/face care is from 1500 bahts.
Thai boxing, yoga, gym. No swimming-pool. The subscription fee is: 1 time – 200 bahts, 1 week – 1200 bahts.
Two modern gyms. No swimming-pool. The cost is: 1 day – 400 bahts, 1 week – 1200 bahts, 1 month –3000 bahts.
Let's take a stroll around Calypso Condo
An attentive manager will help you
make your rest even more comfortable
Organizing a holiday, babysitting, kids leisure time

We will help you to organize a birthday party with animators or find a babysitter for babies.

A transfer to or from the airport

We will organize a transfer on your request. The cost is from 1000 to 1600 bahts depending on season, car, time of arrival, number of passengers and luggage.

Visa and excursions

We will help to extend visas and consult on visas of Thailand and neighbouring countries, find and order excursions about Phuket, to islands and other parts of Thailand.

Household issues

We will help to rent a bike, a car and also give you a hand in solving all administrative, household and other problems.

Book apartments in Calypso Condo and get nice bonuses
Starting from your second booking you automatically become a member of Calypso club. It gives you a right to use one of our special offers on arrival:
We are happy when our guests come again
Frequently asked questions before travelling to Phuket
Terrifying stories about scolopendras and snakes creeping into rooms are fair for private sector. Such incidents are quite rare in hotels and condos. If it happens, specially trained people will come and handle the situation. Within the whole period there hasn’t been such an incident in our condo. The territory of Calypso is regularly treated from mosquitoes and other insects.
The kitchen in the apartment is a great help for a family with children. You can buy products in the nearest supermarkets and cook food in your kitchen. You can find kids food in supermarkets, too. Your own kitchen helps you to significantly save money on food during your vacation and try cooking local seafood yourself.
There are more waves in low season but at this time there are beaches in Phuket where the sea is calm as a rule and where even children can swim without fear. One of such beaches if Yanui. However if a strong wind blows there will also be waves.
After the terrible tsunami in Thailand there was created a system of early tsunami warning which was put into operation in 2012. This system can inform in advance about the oncoming tsunami so that people can  safely escape from dangerous area.
It doesn’t rain all the time. Actually it happens like this – it rains heavily for a short period of time and then  the sun shines again.
Book apartments and enjoy your rest!
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